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Berryteuthis magister / Encornet suçoir / Großer Pazifischer Kalmar / Calamaro indopacifico / Кальмар командорский / 冻鱿鱼 / ドスイカ

Commander squid is known to reach a mantle length of 25 cm, whereas its total body length may exceed 61 cm. Large oval egg masses of up to 50 cm in diameter are produced by the females. During daytime the commander squid remains in the blackness of the deep waters. By night in order to feed they go up to the upper layers. They boast an internal balancing organ known as statocyst which guarantees graceful movement.

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Our fishing grounds

Our commander squid catch comes from the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea, FAO area 61.

Fishing method

Commander squid is caught with a bottom otter trawl (OTB).


Annual catch of commander squid has been as follows:
2010 | 59,306 MT
2011 | 67,678 MT
2012 | 74,526 MT
2013 | 82,168 MT
2014 | 107,917 MT
2015 | 43,153 MT
2016 | 77,197 MT

Nutritional and packaging information

Composition of food per 100g edible portion

76,4 g
Total lipid (fat)
2 g
100 kcal
Non saturated fatty
0.5 g
18 g
100 mg

Commander Squid

Tubes and tentacles

Frozen Packed
3x7.5 kg
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