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Sardinops melanostictus / Sardinops du Japon /Pilchard / Sardina oceanica / Сардина иваси / 太平洋沙丁鱼 / マイワシ

Coast pelagic and migratory, pacific sardine forms large schools. Pacific sardine prefers warm waters (8-20°), i.e. its habitat area varies depending on a season. Under extreme conditions when the temperature drops rapidly down to 5-6°within a couple of hours pacific sardine may perish in big quantities.

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Our fishing grounds

We catch our Pacific sardine in the South Kuril Islands, all year-round, FAO area 61.

Fishing method

Pacific sardine is caught with mid-water pelagic trawl (OTM).


Annual catch of Pacific sardine has been as follows: 
2010 | 1,326,378 MT
2011 | 1,309,141 MT
2012 | 1,269,642 MT
2013 | 1,259,861 MT
2014 | 1,397,453 MT
2015 | 1,484,780 MT
2016 | 1,598,950 MT

Nutritional and packaging information

Composition of food per 100g edible portion

61,4 g
Total lipid (fat)
17 g
209 kcal
Omega 3
2 mg
14 g

Pacific Sardine


Block frozen packed
2x10 kg or 2x11 kg
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